I found my start in street photography, capturing the unfolding moments around me. It came naturally and was therapeutic. My love is the allure of authenticity and candor between people. Each wedding, couple, family, and individual I encounter holds a distinct story, and I am committed to the responsibility of creating photographs that genuinely represent & reflect the sentiments I get to document. 

With intentionality, tenderness, and unwavering candor, I strive to preserve the fleeting beauty of existence; capturing the actual happenings. I am a photographer most inspired by weddings, and now privileged with also documenting their lives that follow after.

Hey, I'm Will Degraw.

i am photographer who fell in love with shooting weddings.

constantly surveying for the sentiment-filled moments...

Being your photographer is a privilege and the seriousness of this privilege has not been lost on me.

I am constantly surveying for the sentiment-filled moments happening all around you. 

My best work emerges when couples embrace my two wishes: being best friends, and trusting me. My goal is to capture your relationship, the way you two touch, smirk at each other, laugh together, and much more. It isn’t just about running through a litany of poses every couple does. Creating photographs that represent your love is nuanced and is something I care a lot about. It’s about honesty & truth.